Ararat Church of Christ: Audio Podcasts

At Ararat Church of Christ, we believe in the anointed preaching of the Word of God, so these messages are available free of charge. Simply click on the links in the following pages.

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The following series of messages, and other occasional ones, are available: (Just click on the series heading!)

Design Series

This series looks at what God has designed us for, our role in the body of Christ.

The Sermon on the Mount Series

This series looks at the sermon Jesus preached in the gospel of Matthew and its message for us today.

Our Shared Mission Series

This series looks at the mission the Lord has given us all, particularly for us as the Church in 2016.

Occasional Messages

Occasional messages not part of a particular series.

Life Talks

On topics of common interest to everyone, together with a Christian perspective on them.

What the Lord Requires Series

This series looks at what the Lord requires of us, what He has shown us to be good.

Spirit, Soul and Body Series

This series looks at the parts of the human from the biblical perspective, and how each part energises and contributes to the whole.

Accessing God's Power Series

This series explores how we as Christians can access God's unlimited power in and for our lives.

Advice from the Master Series

This series looks at Jesus' example and teachings on various subjects of importance in our spiritual lives.

Our Core Values Series

This series looks at the values which we all as Christians share at our core, which are central to the life of the church.

Mission 2015 Series

This series explores the mission of the disciples of Jesus Christ, and of the church, and particularly of the Ararat Church of Christ in 2015.

Great Doctrines of the Church Series

This series explores some of the great doctrines of the Church, which are foundational to our Christian faith.

Getting the Message Out Series

We all agree that Jesus calls us to evangelise, but we set up lots of barriers for ourselves. This series tackles these barriers.

The Authentic Church Series

On the characteristics, core values, vision and mission of the authentic church.

War Zone Series

On spiritual warfare covering topics such as the devil's tactics, temptations and spanholds, spiritual armour and offensive weapons.

Hot Topics Series

On the hot topics Christians have to grapple with such as homosexuality and alcohol consumption.

Faith Series

On Christian faith, what it is, how we get and grow it and its relevance to our Christian walk.

Services Overview

Our services begin at 10 am each Sunday and all are welcome. Primary school children are invited to stay in the main service as we worship and then leave to participate in the Discovery (Sunday School) program.

  • All Discovery leaders have a current Working With Children Card.

Contact Us

If you need further information about our church, our ministries, or services, please contact us as follows:

Address: 86 High Street, Ararat, Victoria, 3377
Telephone: 03 5352 2435